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The eyebrows are the most important feature of your face. They highlight the eyes and influence the total symmetry of the face. At Permanent Makeup Clinic, our technician identifies and studies each client’s unique facial bone structure and eyebrow patterns. The eyebrows formation and desired look will tailored to our clients’ own preferences. According to individual skin types, we will speak with our clients personally regarding the best techniques to cater to their needs.


When we define Eyeliner, we believe it is the window to one’s soul. Clearly the eyes are the primary focal point when everyone looks at you. Eyeliner not only highlights but also accentuate the eyes and make lashes appear much fuller. We will determine the best fit and procedure for our clients based upon the size of their eyes and the overall pigmentation of their Iris inside the eyes.


The color and shape of your lips can truly add definition and vitality to the appearance of your face. When Permanent Lip liner is applied properly, it corrects and redefines the entire formation of the lips, adds an even tone, creates an overall fullness look to the mouth with exquisite results.

Permanent Makeup Clinic

Permanent Makeup Clinic