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Jenny Huang

shirleyBeing a Permanent Makeup Artist for 8 years now, I absolutely love this business that I am in. Every morning I wake up is a beautiful day. Before heading to work I envision my clients having gorgeous faces. No one in my world is unattractive. I like to believe with the aid of my artistry and permanent makeup techniques, each and every client can feel and look their best. My motto is when a client feels confident and fulfilled, it brings out the best in them. This is why I have a great desire to help others to look and feel great about themselves. Therefore it is with this passion I am very caring and patient.

My best attribute is listening to my clients and provide each with my very own unique skills I have acquired from both my educational and makeup experiences. Furthermore, I am dedicated to educating my clients and respect my clients’ needs and desires so that they can make the best decisions about their own makeup. As a professional makeup artist and a person who cares deeply about my clients’ makeup, my strong belief is that good quality makeup is not only a must for everyone but it is also achievable for every individual as well. I am very excited about the near future and challenges ahead. My deep rooted passion for permanent makeup has given me a mission to strive, promote, and provide amazing services for all my clients to be.

I have advanced training with the following organizations:
  • American Institute of Permanent Color Technology
  • Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals

Have A Beautiful Day-World!