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Applying makeup every day can be a hassle, but Permanent Makeup Clinic, LLC., offers the perfect solution. We offer safe, effective ways to add color and shape to your lips, definition to your eyes, and structure to your eyebrows. For over 23 years, we have been the top choice for the best and most natural-looking application of permanent makeup in Virginia.

Look and feel your best all the time without worrying about messing up your makeup. With our permanent makeup services, you can confidently start your day knowing that your face looks fresh and beautiful, with little to no effort.

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Over 23 Years of Experience

Since 1999, Permanent Makeup Clinic, LLC. has been recognized as a distinguished and renowned company for permanent cosmetics serving Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest-quality service possible. Our goal is to understand and meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Our experienced permanent makeup technicians are all state-board certified and strictly adhere to OSHA standards and regulations. All services are provided in a sanitary and relaxing environment.

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